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Marcel Hugg

Bergheim, our village

Who ever really wants to know Alsace should stop by the old medieval town of Bergheim. Situated on the Wine route at the foot of Haut-Koenigsbourg, Bergheim is in the heart of the Alsace wine country.

It was in 1312 that Bergheim was incorporated as a”free city». With this status came a host of privileges: the right to tax wine sales and to coin money, the famous prerogative to grant asylum to any and all who took refuge within its walls.

Faithful to family tradition since 1760, Family Hugg has spread its reputation for Fine Wines to the four corners of the earth. The company is proudly devoted to the art of producing Fine Wines and takes pleasure in passing on to wine and food lovers around the world the benefit of their knowledge of Alsace wines.

The Vineyard

Our vineyards cover more than 10 hectares of vines in a region especially favoured by nature.
The named-places « Goldesch » and « Rotenberg” are very well appropriate to respectively the Riesling and the Gewurztraminer. The “Altenberg of Bergheim is classified as a Grand Cru vineyard and produces rich and full-bodied Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer wines. Sunny and warm after seasons enable the rare production of the most prestigious “Late harvest” and “Selection of nobles rots” wines.
While traditional methods of wine-making have been rigourously maintained, the family Hugg also used the most up to date equipment.
This marriage of old and new enables family Hugg to offer a prestigious marriage of fine wines among the best the French government has distinguished with the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée label.


The Vinification

Our cellars hold our wines in oak casks and its vats of a more modern style, so that the wine matures gracefully with all the time it needs.
Constants care is lavished on all the wines before they are released from our cellars. Our single goal is quality. We know that quality is the best publicity there is.

The vineyard

A dry white wine, lightbodied, delicate and fresch. It goes well with fish, shellfish and white meat. Delightful as an aperitif.
Tokay pinot gris
A dry white wine, full bodied and heady. Tokay d’Alsace enhances all rich food, particularly juicy roast meats and foie gras.
Pinot blanc
A dry white wine, supple and virile. The Pinot Blanc grape produces a balanced and well made wine, round and vigorous, with a pleasing freshness; a clean cut wine which can be drunk whenever a dry white wine is called for.
A dry white wine with a flowery bouquet. It is a perfect accompaniment to highly seasoned dishes and pungent cheeses, as well as to sweet desserts.
Muscat d’alsace
The Muscat d’Alsace is a dry, fruity wine with a most characteristic bouquet. When drinking it, one has the sensation of biting into freshly-picked grapes. The Muscat d’Alsace is a delicious aperitif wine.
Pinot noir
Goes well with beef or game such a pheasant, partridge and hare. This wine is appreciated for is pretty rose colour, its elegant bouquet and its delicious fragrance
A very dry white wine which is both full bodied and fruity. Riesling is a proud and elegant wine, with a distinguished bouquet and exquise flavour. It complements the finest food and its superb with fish and shell fish.


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